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A Cup of Hope: Journey to Congo with ECI

Eastern Congo Initiative partnered with Daydream Impact to create a VR film and Expeditions that explore the struggles in the Congo and the resilience of its people. Through these platforms, ECI offers policymakers, donors and students an immersive experience and an emotional connection to the cause. By doing so, ECI believes that these partnerships, education efforts and advocacy will inform and inspire change for the Congolese people.

About the Partner

Founded by Ben Affleck, Eastern Congo Initiative (ECI) is an advocacy and grant-making initiative wholly focused on working with and for the people of eastern Congo. ECI believes public and private partnerships, combined with advocacy that drives increased attention and public policy change, will create new opportunities for the people of eastern Congo.

For non-profits like us, it's just not feasible to buy a professional quality VR camera. The ability to access these cameras, along with an affordable way for supporters to view the content, is a huge resource for non-profits like ECI.

Dane Erickson - Managing Director

Equipment Used

  • Yi Halo camera & Jump Assembler
    Expeditions kit

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