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Rising Seas - Today and Tomorrow

"As our planet warms, our oceans are changing. Seas are rising and beaches are eroding, placing people in harm's way and disrupting economies globally. Time is of the essence; lowering greenhouse gas emissions today will influence what we experience in the future.

By using 360 videos, depth maps and VR simulations, our Rising Seas project lets people experience their future coastlines now. We believe allowing people to see the future they want to be will inspire them to take action - today."

About the Partner

"The Rising Seas team is made up of coastal scientists and UX strategists from the U.S. Geological Survey, Meta Enterprises LLC, and USC Sea Grant."

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Woah, so this is what it’s like at the beach?

High School student from Banning High School who has never been to a beach in his life, despite living approximately 4 miles from the closest beach and 1 mile from the Ports of Los Angeles/Long Beach.

Equipment Used

  • GoPro Odyssey camera & Jump Assembler

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