Immersive technologies have the potential to solve everyday challenges

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by blending the physical and digital worlds

transforming the ways we interact with information

and experience the people and things around us

Navigate more intuitively,with Google Maps

Learn about theworld around youin 3D, with Search

See the world withsubtitles, with ARlanguage experiences

Experience art that’s largerthan life, with ARCore

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Experience the world in a whole new dimension

Augmented, virtual, and immersive reality expand how we experience the world and access knowledge. They allow you to take in information and content visually, in the same way you take in the world.

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Making technology more natural and intuitive
By blending the digital and physical worlds, immersive experiences transform how we shop, communicate, explore, and create.
Search what you seewith Lens

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Make sense of the world around you in real-time
Use your phone's camera to translate text on images in the real world such as menus, storefronts, documents and more - you can even listen to the translated text out loud! With Lens you can translate text in over 100 languages, so you’ll never feel out of place no matter where you are.
Explore your world
with Google Maps
Use immersive features to get a detailed multidimensional view of the world and confidently navigate with AR walking directions
Check the vibe and plan your route with visually immersive features
Soar over thousands of global landmarks like the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Rijksmusem in Amsterdam to find entrances and get a sense of restaurants in the area with immersive view. Once you’ve decided when and where to go, use Live View to see the way forward with virtual arrows overlaid on the real world, lighting up your path so you can navigate confidently.
Visualize your trip to the Eiffel Tower
Use Google Maps to get a vibe check of the area, plan your route, and get there confidently.
Break down language barriers
with AR Glasses Experiences
Use translation and transcription to deepen connections with the people around you through mutual understanding of language

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Language experiences come alive when delivered in your line-of-sight, helping you communicate with someone who speaks a different language or might be deaf or hard of hearing. See how we’ve been testing new capabilities on one of our AR prototypes.
Discover the world’s treasureswith Google Arts & Culture
Immerse yourself into the world’s richest history
Experience 3D models, AR filters and objects, and VR exhibitions from over 3,000 museums, art galleries, and other cultural institutions no matter where you are. Explore the ancient Pyramids of Meroë in Sudan, journey along the Great Barrier Reef, or gain a deeper understanding of Ukraine’s art and culture.
View the place in your space
Discover more than 40 architectural 3D models of cultural landmarks, developed in collaboration with Skeiron, a small Ukrainian team of preservation experts. These landmarks include St. Sophia’s Cathedral, Palanok Castle, and the National Opera of Ukraine.
Make the world your canvaswith ARCore
Create and deploy world-scale, immersive augmented reality experiences with ARCore and Geospatial API
Developers and creators can now seamlessly create and publish AR content in over 100 countries without ever having to be there. Whether you are looking to build a multiplayer AR game, improve local navigation, or design immersive world-anchored experiences, with ARCore and Geospatial API you can explore and develop endless possibilities.